Teodora Pica is a senior Canadian visual artist residing in Toronto who maintains a studio in Toronto’s Beaches neighbourhood and a summer atelier in the historic village of Brasov in Transylvania, Romania. She works in painting, sculpture, experimental printmaking and photography.

From the Insubordinate Gardens

The paradoxical nature of gardens - that they are both wild and cultivated,  or in the artist’s words, “insubordinate” and “subordinate” - is the central concept behind Teodora Pica’s new series of acrylic and mixed-media paintings. Not only does she focus on this contrast though, she also evokes the mysterious mood of what inspired her paintings: the exotic Jibou Botanical Garden in Transylvania, Romania.



An exhibition of paintings, March 2013

Bronze Sculptures

Art Toronto 2012 BOOTH #211 - Pica's sculptures debute at Toronto International Art Fair represented by
Galerie Van Der Planken , Belgium


Hydroponics, is her 2011 body of work composed of three related series of drawings and paintings created in the artist’s “hydroponics lab.”  In this artistic laboratory Pica uses a “hydroponics kit” to grow “mood flowers” through a combination of light, water and nutrients regulated by the artist’s creative moods. Pica symbolically represents this nurturing environment for moods and emotions in her brash, exuberant floral- and sun- inspired pieces.

Unfolding Estate - catalog

Core Estate - catalog

Sky Landscapes - exhibition and catalog