ABOVE:    Simon,   oil and wax on canvas, 70cmx60cm, 2013
Rafal Zawistowski was born in Warsaw, Poland and grew up in Canada where he graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Ontario College of Art, in Toronto, in 2006. During his studies, Zawistowski spent a year in Florence, Italy. He became passionate about the renaissance and began to create and exhibit work inspired by this new experience  Later, he moved to London, England, to complete his Master of Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art. Zawistowski graduated in 2011 and, immediately after, he exhibited at New Contemporaries where Charles Saatchi bought several of his artworks. In 2012, Zawistowski opened his first solo exhibition in London. This time, Charles Saatchi bought the entire collection before the private viewing ended.

His work evokes emotion through either landscape or portraiture painting. In portraiture, he deals with notions of beauty and ugliness, and the significance of body language and facial expression. Rafal outlines the figures by using day-glow colours, alerting viewers of their long-lasting arcane significance. Echoes of his catholic upbringing and of renaissance studies add vibrant and meaningful layers to his contemporary painting style. The image seems to be carved in a heavily textured surface of paint. The final expression of the figure is reviled by a luscious application of oil paint and wax in impasto and encaustic mix.

AURAS - a painting exhibition starting Saturday, November 16, 3-6PM