Radu Serban

Artist's work


Radu Serban is a Canadian-Romanian visual artist with a Doctorate (Phd) Diploma in Visual Arts; presently he is lecturing at the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Artist Statement: Transappearance refers to a newly-created world with a specific spiritual reality, in which the referent object is transposed in an autonomous image, without a narrative support. The transappearance can also be the background game, the game of the mind that operates with artistic concepts, the ineffable game of feelings and is, of course, in the same time, the game of language.

I believe that my artistic activity over the past twenty years can be easily framed by this concept, because it brings together certain terms of experiencing reality (the lived experience): discovery, amazement, happiness, fulfillment, obsession and the terms of experiencing the visual language: synthesis, reformulation, adequateness......