Ian P.L.

2009-2011 beings


Ian P.L. (1996) has regularly exhibited his art for the last 7 years. The period between  2009 and 2011 marks a particularly fruitful time for him artistically, notably for a series of India ink drawings on thick handmade paper, on rotondo- shaped, on cone-shaped sculptures and on smooth clay boards. Whatever the surface, Ian characterizes his work by a cornucopia of tiny images, a visual feast spanning the whole drawing surface. Fatter, snake-like black lines forge a complex but still skeletal foundation filled in with lighter lines – confident, spontaneous and wandering. Ian P.L.’s drawings represent complete enclosed worlds (the all-encompassing shapes of cones and tondos further this enclosure). He builds them from dense abstracted imagery: suggestions of beings, mechanical androids, hazardous environments and even monstrous creatures. Discerning these details that Ian P.L. typically only implies becomes a game to draw viewers in - spot the hidden details, find an ensuing narrative.