George Turia

Alchemies of the Mind

George   Turia   is   inspired   by   what   he   calls   "man’s  paradoxical  nature:"  "The  stability  of  our  bodies  and  minds   and   souls   is   constantly   undermined   yet   just   as   we   near   disintegration   we   find   it   in   ourselves   to   continue   on.   We   pick  ourselves   up   and   drag   ourselves   back   into   the   fight   of   the   world   where   we   will   inevitably   be   hurt   again   but   also   made   beautiful   by   our  wounds  and  scars."        Turia   uses   white   porcelain   to   hand-­‐model   stylized   human   heads   which   he   adorns   with   elaborate   drawings   and   iron   or   gold-­‐plated   headpieces   in   order   to   speak   of   the   dynamics   between   fragility   and   resilience.   This   focus   gives   his   work   a   timeless   relevance.   He   explains   his   aesthetics:   "The   fragility   of   ceramics   conveys   man’s   susceptibility   to   wounding.   The   porcelain   allows   me   to   smooth   it   until  it  becomes  perfect  –  an  impeccable  surface,  a  defleshed  bone   upon  which  personal  history  will  soon  be  inscribed."


Other Works

George Turia,  is presently working in ceramics and mixed media  from his studio in Toronto and participates in exhibitions in Canada, Europe and USA.

Artist Statement:   My art is informed by the idea that in order to express his spiritual nature man has to undergo a painful process of identity-deconstruction. In my works, memory is subjected to a continuous practice of self-examination. One revisits the same events in the past only to see them in a different light and to experience different emotions. The admission of such vulnerabilities indicates, for me, a higher humanity. I prefer the medium of ceramics because, like the soul, it is raw, warm, fragile, and ready to gain superior expression in tension-laden forms.