Eugen-Florin Zamfirescu

Artist Profile – Visual Arts (Painting, Photography, Film)

Eugen-Florin’s formal introduction to art was through the study of both photography and cinematography in Romania. He has completed professional projects in film direction and editing, photographic portraits and essays. Eugen-Florin is a self-taught fine arts painter.  Art inspired by science, history and philosophy is at the core of Eugen-Florin Zamfirescu’s work. In the evolutionary timelines of civilizations, in the slow decay of societies, in the laws of nature that affect everything from molecules to galaxies, the artist is an explorer fascinated by it all.  Born in a small town in Romania, Eugen-Florin Zamfirescu built his first camera out of a shoe box. His early work survived only in his imagination. Presently he lives in Toronto where he pursues his lifelong passions: fine arts photography and painting, philosophy and astrophysics.

Lanes of Quantum Memories

October 31 to November 15     Opening: October 31,  2-6pm

With his new photographic series - a clear departure from the realism of his previous works - the artist explores the visual landscape of our thoughts, memories and emotions taking the viewer on an imaginary journey into the realm of the human mind. What is unraveled is that the very process of thinking might be, in some ways, altered by the interaction between neurons and the forces of quantum mechanics. Our brains are subjected to a myriad of waves: electrical, magnetic, gravitational and ones currently unknown; whether these forces originate in the vastness of space or the invisible realm of the sub-atomic, together their whispers transform our thoughts, memories and ideas in ways unimagined- until now.

Excerpts From The Book of Entropy

Opening Reception:  September 13,  2-6pm

Photography - archival ink pigment on acid free paper  22"x34" , edition of 8,  2014

Artist’s statement:

“To my way of thinking, by far the most perplexing characteristic in the universe is Entropy. At the very foundations of the universe time can go both forwards and backwards.  Energy can become matter and matter can turn back into energy.  This is certainly not the way we perceive the world on a daily basis. Somehow, only larger entities seem to be getting older, to develop  “time afflictions”.  Time is forbidden to flow in reverse, the law of entropy is forcing everything into one direction only, towards what we perceive as the future. The exhibition Excerpts from the Book of Entropy is an aesthetic reminder of this law. In the slow decay that affects everything I try to transcend physical matter or the laws of nature, to find deeper meaning in what I see and photograph. Through the act of capturing my subjects photographically, I attempt to slow the implacability of fate drawn by the hands of entropy and save them from the ravages of time. The harmony can be restored in the end if we establish a new kind of orbit for our own thoughts and sensibilities. “

Creative Process