Ali Basiedji

Basiedji's work

…The experience of painting nature, both wild and that which bears the mark of man; is crucial to the development of my thoughts and direction in painting. There is a freedom in painting nature that is curtailed in the studio, particularly, in the presence of the sitter.


The experiences of looking at different things are vastly different for me and I consciously keep this thought alive when I’m painting. While I do not aspire to paint highly realistically in so far as the form is concerned, I do want a realistic indication of how it felt to me. In that sense there would be a contradiction if I painted all I saw with the same palette, same brush stroke, same procedure. That is how I think it should be; I paint by direct visual observation, because I am thrilled by what is in front of me and its own particular set of qualities, surprises and stories that talk of a particular existence…these unique peculiarities of the otherness must be allowed to play a role in the outcome of the painting, and, somehow, all must be reconciled with my painterly tendencies; neither should entirely override the other…

Plowed Fields - Catalog

Basiedji painting in Transylvania, July 2011