“Recycling Traps” T-ART Studio Project – ongoing since October 2011

“Recycling Traps” T-ART Studio Project – ongoing since October 2011

“Recycling Traps” is an ongoing project executed in the T-ART Studio. At present, there are seven completed “Recycled Traps “and a number of them are in progress. In the near future I would like to invite some of my artists friends to contribute with their take on the traps and eventually celebrate the act of “trapping traps” in a concluding exhibition at T-ART Gallery.

About 20 years ago, I was “trapped” into the decision of making 250 poor quality prints from one of my not so successful paintings. The prints were never profitable as I was eager to believe they would. Actually, they have never seen the light as artworks! I felt really unhappy with their final look and, most of all, disappointed that I’ve let myself “trapped” into the idea of making them and spending a considerable amount of money and time on this endeavor that felt doomed from its inception. For the longest time, those prints set at the bottom of the lowest drawer, being useless and forgotten.

I rediscovered them when I moved part of my studio at the new space at T-ART Gallery, last September 2011. Still feeling "trapped" at the unexpected site of them, I decided to end the cycle of rejection and disappointment for the beaconing past and to transform them in exactly what they meant to me: just “traps”…

The paper of the prints is excellent, the image is still unnerving, but this time, armed with my best charcoals, pastels and oil sticks and lots of irony, I get to transform them and "trap" them into self revealing their own trapping qualities…and it feels good!

The project name is:                                                        “Recycled Traps”

The process of transformation is by:                         “ Trapping Traps”

The products are:                                                             “Recycled Traps”

To be continued…

T. Pica

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