Eugen Florin Zamfirescu - Creative Process

Eugen Florin Zamfirescu - Creative Process

Eugen-Florin Zamfirescu Creative Process

I am fascinated by time, old instruments, intricate machinery, the laws of physics and humankind’s connection to past, present and future. Common to all is my quest to unravel the stories within, to reveal the inner beauty of my subjects and capture their elusiveness.


For many years now I’ve been collecting the different objects captured in my photos. Each object is a trip to an antique shop, a curiosity store, lengthy rummage through piles of stuff and conversations with shop owners. At times an object might come with a story. But more often, that story is unknown, lost somewhere under the dust of time. In some way, those are my favourite objects as they allow me to create and tell their story, to imagine their path through time and take the viewer on a trip along it.


With every object collected, ideas begin to form, to develop. And as time goes by I engage in a process of selection, of eliminating all concepts except one.

But is the remaining idea worth communicating? Has it been told before? How do I say it differently? How do I express it best? Is the story one that would resonate with the viewer? What medium should I use? What kind of light? Do I go for equilibrium or chaos? How much depth of focus should I have, what type of lenses? Should I print on paper or metal, small or larger scale?

For a long time, it all feels like a question and answer period. I go back and forth between one answer and another until I finally decide. The final equation needs to perfectly balance so the process requires lots of fine tuning.


I love light. It is always an important, central presence in all my work. Light is pure energy – photons at work – and I play with it the way I play with clay. I am thrilled at its flexibility, the fact that it can reveal a story, dilute or concentrate a message, make suggestions of things that are not really there. By slightly moving the angle, all magical proportions of light and shadow can change dramatically. Light can partially, or fully transform a subject. It can induce emotions, distract from the main message, create compositional relationships. The possibilities are endless.

In the Excerpts from the Book of Entropy series, one thing I decided was to allow for large areas of darkness in each photo, to mirror the fact that while we have some knowledge, most of it is still in shadows, waiting to be brought to light.


I am deeply interested in philosophy as well as in physics and how the universe works. I study a lot and I feel more and more that philosophy on its own can no longer answer the deeper questions we have about the meaning of life, of our existence. So I bring science into my art. By under- standing the laws of physics and how the universe works we might, one day, while never fully reach it, come closer to an answer.

By far the most perplexing characteristic in the universe is Entropy. At the very foundations of the universe, time can go both forward and backward. Energy can become matter and matter can turn back into energy. Mind boggling! This is certainly not the way we perceive the world on a daily basis. Larger entities seem to be getting older, to develop “time afflictions”. Time is forbidden to flow in reverse. The law of entropy is forcing everything into one direction only, towards what we perceive as the future.

The exhibition Excerpts from the Book of Entropy is an esthetic reminder of this law.

Most of this process takes place in my head way before I press the shutter button and I hear it click.


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