T. Pica - "Collectives" - February 16 -March 03 2013

T. Pica - "Collectives" - February 16 -March 03 2013

collectives5_20x24 mixed media


New Paintings by T. Pica

February 16 - March 03, 2013

Opening: Saturday,  February 16  2-5 pm


While T. Pica was learning about the cultural ecosystems and diversities of Ward 30, the Riverdale – Leslieville – Gerard neighborhoods in Toronto, she began to sketch those communities as collectives and as abstract entities defined by shapes and folk like markings. The drawings evolved into paintings and later into a body of works called “Bridging Communities”. Some of those works are part of the “Collectives” exhibition that opens this Saturday at T-ART. The selected paintings are imaginary descriptions of the shared relationships between such collectives. They each are set apart by detailed patterns, which inspire differences as much as communal bits, by large shapes that collapse into newer and smaller structures, and, by flat colored fields, isolating some groups and attracting others, linking graphic ecosystems that spawn thoughts of cultural mix.



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