Ian PL - Beings 2010-2012 an exhibition of paintings and drawings

Ian PL - Beings 2010-2012 an exhibition of paintings and drawings


June 02 -16

 OPENING  June 02    3-6pm


Ian PL - Beings 2010-2012 10"x8" ink on clay board

TeodoraART Gallery (T-ART) welcomes a solo exhibition by emerging teenage artist Ian P.L.. The show is comprised of artworks completed in 2010 through 2012. Mediums range from paper to clay boards and include brushwork with India ink, pen work, and acrylics. The goal of the exhibition is to illustrate imaginary beings as well as the abstract environments in which they interweave. The works capture still moments of excitement and exuberance as they include expressive figures to illustrate emotions. The exhibition can succinctly be described as an exploration or a curiosity-inducing experiment.

Ian’s P.L. Statement:            The predominant theme throughout my work is the feeling of the life's energy. The artworks portray creatures and environments that are in a state of exultance. They are embodied through an iris that reveals a flash point in which there is neither growth nor deterioration. My choice of depicting mostly animalistic beings is formulated through the use of various graphic motives and patterns. The depiction of animalistic forms is a gateway through which I can directly portray emotion and mood. By manipulating the shape of a creature’s feature, I look to subtly convey a revealing feeling to the viewer and subsequently reinforce it with color or just render it in black and white. I also find it to be effective to illustrate emotions and moods in images of nonhuman figures as it avoids the subconscious harsh judgment that occurs when humans encounter or observe feelings expressed by those that resemble their own species. Animal like beings provide potential for expressions of emotion, however, they also retain a suitable distance from the viewer’s kind that generates mystery and ambiguity.
My work has no overall message that might provoke thoughts of painful straggles or teenage revolt; rather, allows for discovery and a sense of the interaction between my personal life observations and my imagination.


Ian PL Being 2010-2012 10"x8" ink and acrylic on clay board

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